5 Content Marketing Moves to Avoid

Content marketing is the newest and best way to take your brand or company’s message and products and spread them to the far ethers of the internet. The creating and curating of content and using it to match your message is a skill that is only going to increase in importance as technology and social media become more and more prevalent in our lives. However, content marketing isn’t as easy as you may think it is and there are mistakes to be made. Here are 5 content marketing mistakes to avoid so that you can get the most from your work possible.content marketing

  1. Not using keywords properly: Keywords are incredibly important when it comes to content marketing and SEO but they can hurt you just as easily as they help you. Keyword stuffing used to be an effective strategy it will now be punished with extreme prejudice due to Google’s new orientation against this strategy. Use keywords and phrases that are actually relevant to your topic to make sure your content doesn’t get punished.
  2. Poor content repurposing: The purpose of content marketing is to use content to market your services and products (it’s in the name). Using content that is low in quality or poorly repurposed with no clear goal in mind is almost as useless as not repurposing content at all. Any blog post you write can be turned into so much more than that and it’s a waste to not use your content in every way possible. Content takes time and effort to create — repurposing content takes less of each.
  3. Not regularly publishing content: One of the best strategies in content marketing is to regularly publish content. One huge mistake many content marketers make is that they don’t publish content regularly enough. You should aim to refresh your online properties with new content at least once a week. Consistency is key in Google’s eyes.
  4. No goals: You need goals to aim for if you want your content marketing to be truly effective. Without any goals, content will be more difficult to come up with, as well as more difficult to use and repurpose properly. A goal will give you something to target and aim for in your work.
  5. Ignoring social media: Social media is becoming more and more important as time goes on. Ignore having a strong web and social media presence at your own risk — platforms like Twitter are easy to use and easy to gain followers and new customers from.

These are just 5 things to avoid while content marketing. Remember that the content you create needs to be both engaging and original. Click here for more!

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