Did the Peanuts Marketing Blitz Work?

When it comes to advertising and marketing for movies, there is a tried and true tactic. Most studios simply push the characters and movies to wherever they can, regardless of medium. Magazines, posters, tv ads, and internet ads are all fair game when it comes to marketing a film. When it’s a kids movie, these efforts literally launch into overdrive and marketing tactics frequently revolve around getting the movie brand and characters in front of kids through the products that are purchased for them. The last example of this is the Peanuts movie, which had advertisements running not only in the media, but also on things such as cookies, candies, and toys.

The Peanuts Movie cribbed from Minions' marketing with tons of deals. The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie cribbed from Minions’ marketing with tons of deals. The Peanuts Movie

The marketing blitz for the Peanuts was inspired by a similar one for the Minions movie that was released this summer. Minions, like the Peanuts, is aimed for children and decided to pursue that market by flooding consumers with Minion-themed foods, toys, and items in every way possible. The goal was to get children so excited for the movie that they would constantly ask their parents to take them to it. On paper, the Peanuts strategy in this vein worked. The opening weekend for the film pulled in $45 million in the first weekend due to marketing efforts on things like Snapchat and other social media, traditional media, and consumer goods.

But did the effort actually work? In terms of money, it remains to be seen just how much the movie ends up making at the end of its theatre run. However, if you look at the metrics for social media marketing, which usually revolve around interaction and engagement from the target audience, this massive effort was a complete and utter failure. Other than contests and discounts, there was little to no response on social media to the movie. No one shared information about it, no one responded to it, and no one took any notice through social media channels. This just goes to show that unless you know how to target social media users effectively, you might as well not waste your time or money.

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